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Nomalys for Pivotal

Nomalys mobilizes Pivotal CRM on smartphones and tablets.

By accessing Pivotal from your smartphone / tablet, you can visualize intuitively and securely all your data in real time (CRM, ERP, Finance, Human Resources, etc ... ).

Available on any OS (iphone / ipad, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone 8), Nomalys mobilizes your data for greater efficiency to your customers and prospects, in real time.

Pivotal mobile cloud

Pivotal powered by Nomalys

Highly secure access

Managing favorites
and shortcuts

Smart search engine

Intuitive navigation

User personalization

Any kind of document

Geolocation in real time

Enrich Pivotal

The security of your data

About Nomalys

Nomalys revolutionize mobile access to professional data !

    Nomalys in 5 points :
  • Any smartphone and tablet (Apple, Android, BlackBerry, WP8),
  • Any CRM, ERP, BI, etc...
  • Unified view of the IT system,
  • Absolute security
  • Easy to launch (< 2 months).

  • Whatever your products are (CRM, ERP, BI, GED, etc ...), Nomalys is THE perfect solution to meet your mobility needs.